Green Dresses

Green Dresses

Green – the color of life. This is one color which is symbolic of nature and energy. It is a pure representation of growth, progress, harmony, freshness, safety and all things natural. Green is the only color that encompasses in itself the virtue of prosperity; in all aspects of its existence. Green dresses radiate similar qualities on the people wearing them.

Owing to its neutral nature (neither being magnetic nor electric), green is a wonderful color to wear when you are starting something new. You may be starting a new chapter of your life or beginning a new job, wearing dresses in your earlier days will naturally tune your mind towards success. It will enable people to see the progress in you, even if you are applying minimal effort. Colors play on human psychology and sometimes all you need is to be wearing the right colors at the right times.

Green dresses are perfect for all commencements. May it be graduation, job, family, wedding, babies or anything else under the sun, the effect of wearing green dresses will keep your mind naturally focused towards advancements.

Another wonderful aspect of wearing green dresses is that they help you find balance in sensitive situations. Our dresses for women are also very easy to carry in public spaces. From meetings to running home errands, if you find yourself reaching a bottleneck, the impact of green dresses will keep you calm through the storm.

Hence, at new fashion icon, we have mastered the art of bringing out the best hues in each color so their impact on your personality is positively profound. One interesting mix and match you can do with green dresses is pulling a red stole on top. The passion of red and calmness of green is quite a combination to have!

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